Education is the key to a better future.

Hope for Haiti Foundation supports many educational programs and initiatives at Unifée, a primary and secondary school in Zorangé.

Ongoing Efforts

Leading in Teacher Excellence

Hope for Haiti Foundation provides training sessions in best practices for teaching twice a year for all teachers and staff. Our school’s success is a model for other rural communities.

Unlike many schools in the area, our high school teachers are either certified or have college degrees, and our primary school teachers are either earning college degrees or gaining further educational training.

This level of expertise is powerful — because half of public sector teachers in Haiti lack basic qualifications and almost 80 percent of teachers have not received any pre-service training.

Science Lab

Students participate in hands-on science experiments and investigation in chemistry, biology and physics — thanks to the generosity of numerous donors, including equipment donated by High Point University’s science department. These classes bring science out of the textbook and into real life, an opportunity unavailable to most students in the area.

Lending Library

Our library was formed in 2012, thanks to donations from a supporter who had a bookstore in France. Since then, through various donors and grants, the library has grown to include hundreds of books in French, plus 15 kindles with around 200 books on each device.

In 2019, we began lending books to students — this means parents and siblings are being exposed to reading as well! Before, books (other than textbooks) were not present in the home.

Computer Classes

Students are learning basic computer skills, like how to type and create documents. These are becoming important skills in many workplaces in Haiti.

To continue to provide our students with necessary skills for the modern world, we desperately need in-classroom laptops. Donations of laptops in good working order with some battery life (electricity is not always available) are appreciated — contact us today.

University Scholarship Program

Only around 2% of our graduates are able to continue their academic endeavors at the university level, usually due to lack of funds. Thanks to your generous financial support, we are finally able to provide scholarships to select graduates.

Several of our scholarship recipients have returned to Unifée School post-graduation. Participants in this program are required to give back through service to the region, and many serve today as educational leaders. Ask us about how you can support.

Preschool Hands-on Learning Centers

Preschool 1, 2, and 3, as well as 1st and 2nd grade teachers have been trained in using learning centers, with materials provided by our generous donors. That Students are now involved in fun, hand-on activities in math, reading, writing/dexterity and imaginative play that reinforce the skills they’re being taught. Equipping and empowering the next generation starts here!

English Education

We are one of very few schools in Haiti to provide an English Education program. Students in secondary school (7th through 13th grades) have always learned English and Spanish in addition to French and Creole, and in 2018 we began teaching English to preschool through 6th grade. An American teacher and a Haitian teacher worked together for the first year and a half, discovering what methods worked best. English is now taught fully by two excellent Haitian teachers, with the hope being to reach English proficiency by graduation.

By The Numbers

The average Haitian, age 25 years or older, has less than five years of schooling. We are working to change that in rural Haiti:


95% of children in the Zorangé area attend school

(National enrollment rates average 60% or less in primary and secondary school)


Every year, 80-100% of our students pass the national high school exam

(National passing rates average 50-60%)


450+ total students


23 teachers


8 administrators

A Day in the Life

Follow two school girls, one in the US the other in Haiti, living out a normal day.

The Start of the School Day in Zorange Haiti

Each morning when the flag is raised, the school gathers together and sings. Enjoy this video from Unifee School in Zorange, Haiti.

Meet the Team

Meet some of our educators! From the left: Sonnie, Ferne, Lucia, Hyris, Obed, Annis

The Latest Education News

Here are the latest updates and news from our Education team:

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Our Leadership Academy in Bainet: Construction Begins!

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See our Computer Lab in Rural Haiti

See our computer lab in rural Zorangé, Haiti! We…

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