Education Update: Haiti Team is striving despite the turbulence

An update from our founder:

Hello Everyone!

As you know already, the last few years have not been kind to Haiti!  We’re in the news;  therefore it’s not good.  But despite all the turbulence and the churn in the country, mainly in the city of Port au Prince, our school, our team, our medical clinics, our churches and our partners and leaders in Zorangé, Gandou and Bainet – they continue to do well and they are thriving!  Thanks to all of you who have been extremely supportive and generous so that we continue to support our work, our staff in Haiti!

The journey in our primary and secondary education in Haiti has a few milestones that each student must reach in order to eventually graduate high school.  One of the milestones is for our 9th graders to pass a national exam in order to move to High School (13 grades to complete before finishing high school). I’m happy to share with you that we sent 39 students to take the exam and all 39 passed. 

You play a huge role in helping our team to reach this 100% success rate!  Our team in Haiti is truly amazing!  Thank you for coming on this journey with us and we hope and count on your continued support to be a champion for our Haiti team as you’ve been for 24 years now! 

In September 2000 we opened our school.  Yes 24 years!  We have graduated one medical doctor, one lawyer, 5 teachers, 3 nurses, and we have 3 students in medical school, 3 engineers, 3 seminary students!  I can go on and on but I’ll stop here!  Our institution in Zorangé has been a place where any burgeoning company or business in Haiti comes to recruit our staff to go work for them.  I encourage it and welcome it because we know we have a culture of leadership.  We know this gives others an opportunity to step up and become a leader!

Once again Thank you so much!

Please share this update with friends and family.

– Elade

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