Health is the cornerstone of a thriving community.

Rural communities in Haiti often lack access to any form of medical care, causing malnutrition, chronic illness, and death from preventable diseases.

To combat this, we focus our energy on training Haitian medical professionals who serve rural communities in Haiti and by supporting Haitian-run medical initiatives.

Ongoing Efforts

Clinics with Lab Services

We support two primary clinics in the rural villages of Zorangé and Gandou, serving populations of more than 17,000. The clinics provide first aid and primary care services, including parasite treatment, hypertension, fevers (Typhoid, Malaria), women’s health, eye care, a pharmacy, and diagnostic laboratories.

Thanks to the donors and volunteers, such as PowerSecure, we’ve added to our micro electrical grids in Haiti that enables our medical team to provide lab services at both clinics.

Health Education Podcasts

Dr. Louis Jeff-Weekeson, our primary physician, and his team of nurses have begun to record Podcasts at our radio station. They record a lesson/topic and they have open mics to let the community call in and ask questions.

Visiting Physicians, Surgical Trips, and Training

Hope for Haiti Foundation coordinates life-changing trips, where physician teams from the United States travel to rural southeast Haiti. Over the years, trips have provided surgical, dental, cardiology, and ultrasound care. These physicians provide care to patients throughout the region, offering extensive interventions with limited power. Upcoming trips include teaching and training for the Haitian clinician teams, on topics from EKG skills to ultrasound classes.

By The Numbers




Rural Haitians who have access to first aid and primary care


Full-time doctor

Jhonny’s Story — Medical Progress in Haiti

Basic medical knowledge - so prevalent in the United States - can change lives in Haiti. Watch the story of a young man’s foot injury that could have been life threatening.

Meet The Team

The Zorangé Clinic Staff

Dr. Louis Jeff-Weekeson, Primary Physician

Macdala Imbry, Midwife

Ginette Adam, Nurse

Nahomie Adam, Pharmacy Tech

Camejo Dionese Carrière, Lab tech

Bris, Administrative

The Gandou Clinic Staff

Magaly Felix, Nurse & Operations Manager

Jeanette, Nurse Tech

Dr. Louis Jeff-Weekeson, Primary Physician

The Latest Medical News

Here are the latest updates and news from our Medical team:

It's Official: Our Medical Clinic is Now a Hospital

It's Official: Our Medical Clinic is Now a Hospital

The Zorangé clinic has undergone a remarkable transformation and is now a…
Converting our Zorangé Clinic into a Community Hospital

Converting our Zorangé Clinic into a Community Hospital

We are expanding medical services in rural Haiti, as we prepare our…
Lab Technicians in Training

Lab Technicians in Training

As part of our effort to expand lab services to the community…

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