Our Leadership Academy in Bainet: Construction Begins!

To Our Dear Supporters and Partners,

Many of you are already aware of our dream to open a Leadership Academy in Bainet, Haiti. We’ve dreamt and talked about this project for almost a decade. We have great news — we are poised to begin this ambitious multi-year endeavor and have officially begun! We are blessed to be able to begin this project thanks to the help and financial support of our champions and partners Mark & Patti Martyak.

The Construction Project

We are in the early planning phase of this multiplex facility. Our first building will be the school and administration area pictured below. But you know us… there will be more! The Academy will entail a large campus including:

  • A multi-facility complex that will house education from Pre-K to University Studies, as well as…
  • A Library
  • Sports Fields
  • Book Store
  • Dormitory
  • Restaurant/Cafeteria
  • Pavilion
  • and More!

Phase 1 of this project will be the construction of a decorative wall to surround the proposed campus. This wall will protect the site throughout construction and beyond. This phase is underway today! 

Phase 2 will be the first education building so we can start earning tuition. Since our mission is to “make an impact on individual Haitians, empowering them to change their own nation,” creating tuition opportunities as soon as possible is very important to our sustainable mission.

Phase 3 and Beyond! See our full plans pictured here:

The People Behind the Project

Many of you who have traveled to Haiti with us have met our hostess, Vierge. You know how amazing she is and how she’s relentless in ensuring that all of us have a very nice time in Haiti. Vierge knows our travelers have left the comfort of their homes in the States to go to Bainet to partner with the communities and serve. You may also know that Vierge and her husband Obed tragically lost their son, Olivier, in 2022. Olivier had planned to study Business Administration. The Martyak Family wants to help build this Academy in Olivier’s memory.

Excelsior Leadership Academy

Hope for Haiti Foundation – Organisation Espoir Continu pour Haiti

Bainet, Haiti

In Memoriam: Olivier Adam
Partners: Mark and Patti Martyak
Founders: Jean Elade and Cherlyne Eloi

Excelsior – ever upward! Despite what is happening in Haiti, we keep moving, and we’re moving UPWARD.

Are you interested in supporting this project? Contact Mark Martyak or Jean Elade Eloi today for more details on how you can be involved. 

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Our Leadership Academy in Bainet: Construction Begins!

Our Leadership Academy in Bainet: Construction Begins!

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