Strong communities are the foundation of change in Haiti.

We support activities that foster community vitality. First, we listen to understand the actual needs of the Haitian communities we serve. Then, we engage and empower the whole community.

We believe we can help Haiti help itself, so we always find ways to strengthen the work Haitians do in their own communities each and every day.

Ongoing Efforts

LIJAS Activities

Our goal is to provide community for youth through sports and education.

Currently, 12 schools and more than 175 students participate in soccer activities and tournaments throughout the year. Students must maintain a certain GPA to play on the team, and participants learn important traits such as leadership, teamwork, and perseverance. Community businesses are also involved in the league, sponsoring tournaments with water, food, radio coverage, and tournament prizes.

LIJAS also impacts more than 200 students in the region, by facilitating character education (focused on six character traits including respect and citizenship) and a regional “Concours d Eppelation” Spelling Bee. Soon, we will launch a Boys & Girls Club in Bainet to continue to expand this work.

LIJAS is engaged in awarding top students in the schools with the “BESG: bourse d’étude Solner-Guillot” scholarship for their performance on the official exams.

Job Creation and Sustainability

We seek to build sustainable businesses in Bainet and surrounding areas. These initiatives will create jobs within the community, will draw income to Bainet, and will also provide sustainability to Hope for Haiti Foundation through income generation.

Currently, there is a thriving convenient store in Zorangé and a restaurant in Bainet. Both provide income and employment in the area and are completely self-sustaining.

Radio Bigot

Radio Bigot serves as the main form of communication for Bainet. Solar powered radios distributed throughout the community allow families to tune in from their homes. Programming runs daily and includes sermons, music, health education, public announcements, soccer tournament broadcasts, and words from community leaders.

LIJAS Soccer in Haiti

Some community events captured in Zorangé, Haiti

The Latest Community News

Here are the latest updates and news from our Community team:

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Our Leadership Academy in Bainet: Construction Begins!

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