Tomas Update

Hi everyone – we’re sorry for the delayed update on Hurricane Tomas. This is one of those cases where no news is good news – or at least the best possible news all things considered. The effects of the storm were pretty typical for Bainet, Zorange and the rural areas we work. Bainet and the rivers around Zorange are flooded, and people are generally staying home until the water recedes. The communities face some hard days ahead, as the storm destroyed most of the crops. It’s the norm when major storms come through, but it’s still not easy to struggle with securing food and possible hunger in the meantime. However, we are grateful that the storm didn’t turn out to be more serious, as so many people are still recovering from the earthquake.

From what we can tell by following the news and social media, it seems that other parts of Haiti fared as best as possible too. The greatest threat in the next few weeks will be the spread of cholera, as feared before the storm. There have been some confirmed cases in Port au Prince, and if the disease has a chance to get a hold in such a crowded city, the results could be disastrous. Please keep Haiti in your prayers as they try to hold off the disease.

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