The First of Many

If it seems like all of our blogs recently have been about luring new people to Haiti….well, you’re onto us! It’s all a part of our secret plan to get everyone we know to come out and drink the coconut milk. 😉 Ashley, one of the interns rockin it at the HFHF HQ in Raleigh this summer, got to jump right into her internship with a trip to Zorange! She joined the team that traveled to Haiti last week and was nice enough to share her first impressions with us. We’re really excited to have Ashley on board and will give you a chance to get to know all our lovely interns soon!

I have never been more humbled, awe-struck, relaxed or as happy as I was in Haiti. While it is good to be back home with family, I can honestly say I would go back to Zorange today. It was absolutely amazing to see the passion and hope in every single person I met in Zorange. I am so thankful to be a part of a team that works together to continue building on the hope that everyone has in making Haiti the country it can be.

While there were many meaningful meetings and focus groups during this trip, there was also plenty of relaxation time to just sit back and enjoy a piece of paradise with friends. This was my first trip to Haiti and I have to say that I was blown away. I have never been surrounded by so many coconuts and mangos in my life! One of the best memories that I have and will cherish is from my visit to their church service. During the service, the pastor said this: “God will bless us for our hard work. We are not strangers, we are at home”. I was flooded with emotions when he said this because I felt at home. I felt so welcomed and blessed to be a part of this moment where God was so present and obviously working through the people of Zorange.

I am so excited to continue my journey with the HFHF as we are able to see the vision of the organization and of the Haitians grow, and to see their goals be accomplished. I’ve heard that when you go to Haiti, you’ll want to go back…. it is definitely true.

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