Surgical Trip: Day 4

Our surgical team has had an amazing week in Haiti! They all returned back to the United States safe and sound this past weekend.  Here is the final “live from Haiti” update from our founder, Jean Elade Eloi, on their last surgery day.

It’s about 3:00 p.m. and our last patient is being sutured up and will be in post-op soon. It seems like people are a little too tired now to celebrate. Today there was non-stop except for our midday lunch from Vierge.
Just four days ago, we were bringing rocks in the operating room to secure our operating table. Fast forward to just four days later and we’ve done 30 operating procedures! Most of the “major” procedures were hernias and hydroceles. “Minor” procedures included removal of lipomas and cysts.  A total of 18 major and 12 minor procedures were done by an amazing team of our partners from the states, the Ministry of Health and our awesome team in Haiti.

All of this was possible because 13 years ago a few of you (5 people) said “yes” and embarked on an adventurous journey to come to Zorangé. The seed was planted and there is no end in sight to our collaboration with the Haitian people to serve them. In the end, we are blessed beyond measure and we’ve gotten much more out of it (for me at least) than we’ve ever given.

The Ministry of Health and their team has not stopped asking me for a date for a return trip. We have not even met with them to assess this week, the request is already made for a surgical trip in less than a year. Of course, I can’t promise that but one thing for sure is the fact that this community  of more than 100,000 people do need this level of medical care and it is our intention to continue to see how we can can play a role in providing this care.

Thank you for your endless support.

– Elade

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