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Over the last several years, we’ve had many passionate discussions about our logo and what it means to different people and the message it conveys. Given our instinct to resist change (sometimes for as long as we can), the logo discussion started and stopped multiple times. Last year, we had some wise professionals step in and help us out, and voila, we have a new logo and website! The new Hope for Haiti Foundation logo is based on Haiti’s national flower the Hibiscus.

The color palette is designed to reflect the essence of the Haitian culture. These colors are found in the buildings, flowers, vegetation, fruits and vegetables, clothing, ocean, and sky that make Haiti unique.

Hibiscus flowers that grow in Haiti bloom in many colors, mirroring the diversity and beauty of Haiti.

The flower’s five points also represent the five focuses of HFHF: community, medical, educational, spiritual, and environmental.



We will always love the water drop logo. Feedback over time revealed the drop gave the perception we were only in water or well-drilling work—especially when one of our taglines is “drop by drop, hope is spreading.” The tagline refers to us getting big things done little by little, but we learned it can make it seem that we think too small.

So, the new logo and website is here! Every dime we raise goes toward the work being done in Haiti, so we will not be launching a massive campaign to announce the transition.

Change can be difficult, but it’s still exciting for us, as rebranding is only one of many developments at the helm. We are transitioning our Haiti headquarters to Bainet, along with a new campus for the primary, secondary, university, and trade school studies. Disciplines like nursing, teaching, and IT will be among the first we start offering—change is the doorway to lives and communities transformed for the better!

Thank you so much for your continued support and partnership. For 17 years we’ve partnered and collaborated—thinking of the next 17 floods my heart and soul with joy and anticipation.

Jean Elade Eloi, Founder

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