Meet Becah, marketing intern extraordinaire

Hope for Haiti Foundation interns are one of the many cogs in the wheel that keep this non profit running! Alongside many dedicated volunteers, unpaid interns do work here in the United States at no cost, allowing us to accomplish more in Haiti.

This semester, Hope for Haiti Foundation was blessed with marketing intern extraordinaire Becah Fogle! She is a senior at North Carolina State University, graduating this December, and worked tirelessly for HFHF all semester – all while managing NCSU’s volleyball team. Here, Becah reflects on her past semester’s work…

I am proud to say that I interned for Hope for Haiti Foundation for the Fall 2012 semester.  Reflecting back on my work here, I cannot help but smile for two reasons: at all of the opportunities I was given, and how much fun I had!  While I worked primarily with Tara Zechini, I was able to interact with many great people from the organization, including founder Jean Elade Eloi, Elizabeth Brown, and Janine Slaatte. After a couple initial meetings, I was given the task of compiling information and organizing a template for the 2011-2012 annual report. This was my main task throughout my internship, and I learned a great deal about what it takes to complete a fiscal year annual report. I really appreciated that my supervisors let me spearhead this project because it gave me priceless experience for my future career that I could not get anywhere else! During this major project, I was also able to complete several smaller ones, including creating the Pinterest page, writing a template for a generic brochure, writing of a press release, organization of the Flickr page, and writing an outline for an infographic concept.

While I learned a great amount from the projects I was given, the real experience I gained was from the freedom and responsibility that I had to complete these projects. Sometimes this included being the liaison and meeting with different people to make sure everyone was on the same page. My supervisor, Tara Zechini, was the most helpful I have ever had on an internship.  She trusted me with responsibilities and always had something for me to do, which I appreciated very much. I was always busy with my HFHF work, and I grew to love the organization so much that I am happy to say I will be continuing my work with them this following year.

To anyone who is considering working as an intern for Hope for Haiti Foundation, I give them my personal recommendation for an amazing place to intern. Every person that I came into contact with was helpful, genuine, and energetic about their work, which in turn made me energetic and happy to work for them.

Did Becah convince you an HFHF internship is right for you? Visit our Contact Page and contact the director in your area of interest.

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