Healthy Babies Born – Help Build the Birthing Center

Hope for Haiti Foundation is proud to announce Macdala Imbry has attained the level of Nurse Midwife (Sage Femme) by graduating from a 2-year program for advanced nursing study at Midwives for Haiti.

Macdala joins Pierrelise Joseph in caring for women in our clinics in Zorangé and Gandou. Adding a second midwife will certainly increase their ability to improve the health of women in the region. At commencement, the founder of Midwives for Haiti noted that “countries around the world with the lowest death rates have the most midwives.” We know from a 2008 survey that the people of Zorangé rated safe childbirth as one of their top concerns. We now have the staff to address this need.

Macdala Imbry – Nurse Midwife

The future is bright, but we do need to provide space for women to deliver in the clinic. A solid foundation is in place, and power is now reliable 24/7. Our next step needs to be completion of the birthing center. We have a donor who will match up to $12,000 of money donated toward the birthing center, so now is a great time to support this initiative.

This baby was born in Zorangé on November 18. More and more women are coming to our clinic, because they are confident in the care we can provide. This little boy is happy and healthy, and that is in part due to your support!

To donate to our medical efforts in Bainet and Zorangé, visit our Donation Page.

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