Dream Come True: An X-ray in Bainet

We at Hope for Haiti Foundation have been on a journey the last 14 years to help provide basic to comprehensive medical care to our community in Zorange, and now Gandou and Bainet.

Over the last 4 years, the effort has been intensified with a focus on Bainet to see how we can provide more services and add X-ray technology and surgical services in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

About four years ago we received an X-ray machine all the way from Vancouver, WA. After many shipments, persistence, and patience–after more than 4 trips by different radiology technicians–we have reached our goal of actually taking an X-ray machine to Bainet.

Sandra Watson was the last part of this project to get the machine working. Initially she had a rough start to her trip but persevered she did and persistent she was. Through her pure determination and smarts, not only are we performing X-rays on some of our patients, but more importantly, we have a trained team that will stay behind and provide this service to the community.

To get this machine here and functional has not been easy. It’s a blessing that it even survived about 6 shipments before arriving in Bainet. This feat has been possible because of your support and, on behalf of all the people in Bainet, I thank you for your partnership.

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