Critical Update: Progress in Haiti, Urgent Support Needed

As we approach the year’s end, we want to share a heartfelt update from our founder, highlighting the dedication and progress we’ve achieved in Haiti despite prevailing challenges.

This year, we have an amazing $16,000 in matching funds available for all gifts made between now and December 23, 2023. Please consider giving to our end of year fund:

To Our Awesome Supporters,

I trust this message finds you well. In the face of our beloved Haiti’s ongoing turmoil, I’m pleased to report that our communities in Bainet, Zorangé, and Gandou are doing well.

Advancements in Our Initiatives:

  • We now have four churches, with the central church in Zorangé and three others situated in Grande Savanne, Douge, and La Coline.
  • Flourishing choirs, both for men and women, as well as a vibrant youth choir, are established.
  • Our children’s ministry in Zorangé continues to expand, nurturing the growth and development of the younger generation.
  • The school remains on a positive trajectory, exemplified by the remarkable story of Nelson Laloi, a former student turned lawyer, now serving as a professor of French and Haitian Literature.

A bit more about Nelson Laloi’s story. He is a former student of our school who attended the state university to become a lawyer. In Haiti, the State Universities are prestigious and you have to have almost perfect scores for the entry exams to get in.  Even after perfect scores they are usually influenced by Senators who have kids who also do well in the exams lobbying for them. So a kid from our community entering a government school is like winning the lottery! We have at least three students who got into medical school and the others in various disciplines. To have Nelson Laloi teaching in our community is a true gift!

Progress in Healthcare:

  • Both our clinics are equipped with testing labs.
  • Thanks to Marlene, we’ve expanded our healthcare services to include Ultrasound, bringing enhanced medical care to our community. Expecting mothers can go home with a picture of their ultrasound pics — this is next level for us in Haiti and this is happening in Zorangé!
  • Currently, an Ultrasound Technician is providing training for our medical staff, advancing their skill set and broadening our healthcare capabilities.
  • They plan to advertise this service during our medical podcasts conducted by Dr Jeff and Miss Macdala, our Head Nurse.

Challenges and Urgent Financial Support:

Yes, we continue to move forward, and we are doing that because you have played a role by being willing to go!  

We miss the opportunity to bring teams to see our work and collaborate with our staff.  Those trips serve to strengthen our work, relationships, and improve on the care and education we provide to the community.  Additionally, the presence of our visitors & partners and friends plays a role to expand our vision. 

We have not been so fortunate in the past five years due to safety issues to take teams to Haiti.  But our staff and team have shown relentless determination to reinvent, innovate, and find ways to continue to thrive with the work in spite of the absence of our friends from abroad. The collaborative spirit, strengthened relationships, and the positive impact on our community’s care and education that stem from these visits have been sorely missed.

The unprecedented challenges Team Haiti has faced since the pandemic have strained our ability to maintain the level of sustainability we’ve proudly achieved in the past.

As we navigate these challenges, we find ourselves at a critical juncture and we urgently need your support.

We are raising $50,000 to cover the salaries of our 80 dedicated Team Haiti staff for the next 4-6 months.

Thanks to two amazing anonymous donors, we have $16,000 in matching funds for all gifts made between now and December 23, 2023. Double your impact by giving to our end of year campaign!

We do not have any paid staff in the United States, so all of your generous gifts will go directly to our team in rural Haiti. Your contribution will play a crucial role in sustaining our initiatives, ensuring the livelihoods of our team members, and supporting our Haitian community.

Stand with Us in Supporting Haiti:

Let’s continue to be catalysts for positive change. Together, we can help Haiti not only endure but thrive. I ask that you keep our team in your prayers; that you pray for new people to still find us and to propel us forward. Please pray to have new opportunities here in the US to enable more donations so that we can continue to pay our staff of about 80 people there.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a meaningful conclusion to the year.

With gratitude,

Jean Elade Eloi
Founder, Hope for Haiti Foundation

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