A Case of the Hiccups

It wouldn’t be a Haiti trip without a few hiccups along the way — and we had several! Hiccup Number 1 occurred when we arrived in Port au Prince without one of our bags of supplies. No worries, mon — the bag will arrive on the 3:00 flight and will get to us by noon tomorrow!

We made our way towards the mountains, and somewhere between Jacmel & Bainet, we had a flat tire. No worries, mon – our Haitian friends driving the dump truck with our supplies took charge. With the speed of a NASCAR pit crew (well almost), they changed the tire and off we went! Made it through hiccup Number 2!

Hiccup Number 3 occurred when we reached Bainet to get the tire fixed, only to discover the tire had fallen off the dump truck! The first option was for us to all pile in the dump truck for the river ride. The section option was to hope for the best & continue in the Land Cruiser. We took Option 2. The river was higher than I’ve seen it — sometimes it was above the dump truck tires. The Land Cruiser was a mule of a vehicle & we made it — even with the spare tire. Our original ETA had been 6:30 but we arrived at the top of the mountain at 8:15 — right on “Haitian time”. We’re safe & happy to be here!

Your Haitian eye doc,

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