5 Stories From 2014 You Need To Hear

1. Motorcycle Ambulance

The sun was just going down when they brought a boy in with a deep machete wound, a wound down to his tendons. It was obvious he would need surgery and would have to make the trip to Jacmel for it, but there were no vehicles available for use that day. However, thanks to our clinic, he was helped, examined, given IV fluids, and loaded onto a motorcycle ambulance with other riders who would hold him up for the trip down the mountain. (Yes, on a motorcycle, down a mountain). Add to that, the river crossing was (and always is) a difficult and challenging barrier, but thanks to our team and those riders, he was safely delivered to the hospital.

2. And Baby Makes Three

When the woman arrived at our clinic eight months pregnant, she was not doing well. She was vomiting and was a high-risk delivery because of a prior medical condition. In fact, sadly, she had already lost four other babies prior to this pregnancy. Dr. Deborah Ottenheimer (our volunteer OB/GYN from New York) performed an ultrasound and determined the baby’s heart tones were good, gave her medicine for the vomiting, and helped load her into a waiting vehicle. However, it was a vehicle that was already full, mostly with pastors, who graciously made room for two more, and soon both Dr. and patient were on their way to the Port-Au-Prince (PAP) hospital. (One break in the long drive, however, included Dr. Ottenheimer performing an ultrasound on the side of the road in Jacmel!) In the end though, because of the precautions our clinic was able to take on behalf of the mother, and because of the medical expertise of our volunteer doctor, the mother-to-be made it safely to the PAP hospital and delivered her first healthy baby.

3. About A Boy

The 2-year-old boy was brought to our clinic with an incarcerated hernia (a loop of his bowel was stuck between muscles). Surgery was needed to save his life. However, even with the surgery, there was no guarantee his little body would survive this trauma. Dr. Rob Jones, another excellent volunteer surgeon, went to work to do all he could and because of him and our clinic’s available medical supplies, the boy not only survived but went on to do quite well after the surgery.

imgHFHF high school

4. The School That Love Built

Our school obtained its license! Although many schools in Haiti have a school permit, it is a great accomplishment to become licensed. This was an eight-year process for us, but as a result of our students being so successful with their government exams over the years, we were granted licensing. And there’s more–11 students began our 2013-14 school year as seniors, and 10 of them passed the national exam. This result is not only the best in the Zorangé area, but is one of the best in the entire nation of Haiti!

5. Going To Church

What do you do when your Zorangé church congregation keeps growing and people keep coming because they’re hungry to hear from God and worship with other believers? You build another church! We have accomplished that with the generous help of, and partnership with, Hope Community Church, and can’t wait for it to be permanently moved into in 2015.

If You Only Knew

We wish we could sit with each of you and share ALL of the stories of things accomplished and lives helped and changed in Zorangé, Haiti in 2014. So much of it was because of you, because some of you donated, some of you sponsored a child, some came to Haiti and gave of your time, talent, skills, and heart, still others of you (all?) held our mission and purpose close to your hearts and deep in your prayers throughout 2014. We cannot even begin to thank you enough. We hope that by sharing just a few of the accomplishments we witnessed and participated in this year, you would have some inkling of just how much your partnership with us matters.

imgHFHF 3 children (color)

As 2014 draws to a close, would you please consider partnering with us again in 2015? Or maybe for the first time? Specifically, would you consider supporting a child in need through our sponsor-a-child program? Make no mistake, monthly sponsorship completely changes a child’s life as it makes possible food, education, and medical care on a regular basis—all things we take for granted in the U.S., both for our own children and ourselves.

So as we head into 2015, if your own children are happy and healthy and their bellies are full and their minds are educated, would you please consider helping us help those who still long for such?

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