YOU have done this!

Hello Everyone,


I want to share the amazing results from the test scores that our seniors achieved this year again — 21/24 (88%) seniors passed the national exam required to graduate from high school in Haiti. I’ve also shared with you the national passing rate is about 40%. The three students that did not pass scored high enough to retake the exam, and we believe that at least one, if not all three, will pass which will bring our passing rate up to 100%. We’ve been averaging higher than 90% since we’ve been sending students to take this exam (5 years — 100%, 90%, 90%, 100%, and this year we expect above 90%).

But enough on numbers! What I wanted to share with you this morning is the excitement and the jubilation of having produced a national laureate from our school. What does this mean? Although only 850 points are needed to pass, one of our students, Guyvenson, scored 1436.

On Friday afternoon our school principal gave me the awesome news that Guyvenson is one of the top three highest scores in the state of Jacmel. The top three scores from each state (10 states) are invited by the Ministry of Education for a ceremony to honor these students for their amazing efforts.  So Guyvenson will join 29 other students from the 10 states in Port-au-Prince for this event.


Of course, a lot of people have had a hand in this amazing accomplishment, starting with the parents, to the teachers, the school administration and the community. But YOU HAVE DONE THIS! You were crazy enough to come alongside us to dare to believe that we can provide top education to these “country kids.” These “country kids” believed with us that they can compete.

And they’ve proven that year after year. I’ve shared withyou that our senior class valedictorian from last year took the very difficult entry exam at the top medical school in Haiti and he got in. The kids that get into this institution are usually coming from cabinet ministers, very elite families, sons and daughters of senators, and congress women and men. Normally, the kids get in due to scoring high, but also because “calls are made” from such dignitaries to the admission office/decision makers. But Hansly is from Zorangé with parents who are not literate. So these kids are determined because you’ve helped provide an environment and the support needed so that they will not let their “zipcodes” determine their destiny.

So, as I’m trying to keep calm, as I’m trying to remind myself to breathe, I am in awe of you. I’m thinking about you. I’m thinking of almost 20 years of pure determination and stubbornness by all of you for still embarking on the difficult journey of getting to Zorangé and continuing to partner with a community that wants to see a better tomorrow. This better tomorrow may not happen for a while, but the Foundation is being built and you have enabled that to occur. On behalf of HFHF, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing yourselves to become “victims of Haiti’s passion.”


Yes, indeed, Haitians like a lot of places have a passion and zest for life. Those of you who have made the trip, and those who have supported from afar, your hearts have been engaged and become intertwined with those of your Haitian brothers and sisters, and together we’re helping a small community change and impact their own community in the best way possible.

Thank you for what you have done!

January 2019 — we will have been working for 20 years in Zorangé. That seems like yesterday! Cheers to another 20 years!

Jean Elade Eloi

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