Changing lives in Haiti.

Join us in equipping Haitians with a vision to change their nation — and the skills to make it happen.

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We take a whole community approach: working in education, medicine, faith, and more.

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Our mission is bold and our vision is clear: we truly believe Haiti can help itself.

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We know how to effect real change in a country where it can be hard to get traction.

Our Efforts Never Stop

In Haiti, it can seem like the “aftershocks” never stop — but neither does our work.

Whether it’s earthquakes, government turmoil, or the challenges of everyday life, we know how to collaborate with communities to bring sustaining change. You can support our mission by becoming a monthly donor.

Beyond Mountains

The Haitian proverb “beyond mountains there are mountains” means as you solve one problem, another presents itself.

Since 1999, Hope for Haiti Foundation has come alongside rural villages and towns in southeast Haiti, equipping them to keep conquering mountains.

From Dying to Thriving

Watch this story of a grandma and a baby, and see the impact basic medical knowledge – so prevalent in the United States – can change lives in Haiti.

You can change the world, starting with Haiti.

Join us in helping Haiti. Your gift will provide education for underprivileged children in remote villages, medical care for communities without clinics, and more.