X-Rays, Tarantulas, And Churches

Our dedicated volunteer John Brown and technician Frank Spinella return to Haiti to complete an X-ray installation that they began in January.  Read a little bit about their successes:

This past January I went to Bainet, Haiti to assist Frank Spinella with the installation of an X-ray machine that was donated by The Vancouver Clinic, a health care provider in Vancouver, Washington. Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Duane Webb, this machine made its way across the ocean to be used in a remote area of Haiti.  It now services tens of thousands of people, who before had no access to this technology. We were not able to complete the installation at that time. However, Frank Spinella, a technician from GE, who has taken his vacation time and money to assist us, came with me again and on this current trip and we were able to finish the installation and are now are producing X-rays! Dr. Webb will be pulling together a team of trainers to go to Haiti and train the Haitian staff on the machine. I want to thank Frank Spinella for his heart, sacrifice, and tenacity to see this project through. It was a privilege to work with him!

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