Training of matrones and eye doctors in Zorangé

As part of our ongoing effort to improve health care in Bainet, Haiti, HFHF partners with medical professionals in the U.S. to provide training to Haitian medical professionals. This train the trainer approach allows HFHF to accomplish its mission of “Helping Haitians help themselves.” This past month, two professionals – Dr. Laura Webb and Dr. Kim Bowers – assisted with medical trainings at HFHF’s clinic in Zorange.

Dr. Webb coordinated a training of the matrones (traditional birth attendants) in Bainet. HFHF believes strongly in working with the local community. By providing greater knowledge to the matrones, HFHF can help to save lives at birth. The training was a great time to hear directly from the matrones about the type of education they would like to receive, the issues that women in the community face, and what they believe to be the solutions. Dr. Webb also saw patients at the Zorange clinic.

Dr. Bowers has been Zorange’s resident eye doctor for many years. Each trip, she is overwhelmed by the number of patients who need glasses, suffer from cataracts, or have other eye issues that prevent them from earning a living. Dr. Bowers has assisted HFHF in the procurement of several pieces of equipment to build an eye facility at our Zorange clinic. Over the last few months, Dr. Bowers has been teaching the nursing staff at the Zorange clinic on how to use the equipment, conduct eye exams, and treat patients. This specialty is one that will have a great impact on the community once the Haitian staff is trained.

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