Triangle Physicians for Women travels to Haiti

HFHF sent a group to Haiti in February 2017.  One member of the group was Dr. Lisa Grana with Triangle Physicians for Women. Here is an update from Dr. Grana and TPW

As a physician, Dr. Grana’s devotion to Hope for Haiti Foundation can be seen through her surgical and medical work in the clinic in Bainet, where she helps equip and support the Haitian staff there. She and the Foundation partners believe that health is the cornerstone of a productive and thriving society, and work to empower the Haitians to take action and affect change in their own nation.  With new nurses, ministers, and teachers already in place, Hope for Haiti Foundation’s efforts are already quite evident.  Dr. Grana is also very excited about the new birth center that is being built in Zorangé through the Foundation.

Most recently in February 2017, Dr. Grana visited the region and chronicled her journey and photos with us.

We’re pleased to share them with you here:


We literally bring an operating room in suitcases to a clinic that does not have running water.  The people come from all over Haiti and line up and wait in hopes of being seen and possibly having surgery.  The website also has blogs with one written by our post op nurse about being in the operating room with us for her first time.


Rural communities in Haiti lack access to any form of medical care, causing malnutrition, chronic illness, and death from preventable diseases. To combat this, HFHF focuses its energy on training Haitian medical professionals who can serve rural communities in Haiti and by supporting Haitian-run medical initiatives.

Rural Primary Care Clinics

HFHF runs two primary clinics in the rural villages of Zorangé and Gandou, each serving a population of about 10,000.  The clinics provide first aid and primary care services, including parasite treatment, hypertension, fevers (Typhoid, Malaria), women’s health, eye care, a pharmacy, and diagnostic Laboratory.


Additional Medical Projects

  • Health education through Radio Bigot and community health workers
  • Water filter distribution
  • Training traditional birth attendants (matrons)
  • Vitamin distribution


But the most amazing thing this year is that this “surgery in a suitcase” is becoming routine for our team at Hope for Haiti Foundation. Although the challenges of performing medical procedures in a remote community with limited infrastructure remain, the team’s sheer determination to provide this desperately needed medical service serves as a catalyst to overcome any challenge.


We proudly support Dr. Grana and the Hope for Haiti mission, and look forward to sharing more stories with you about their amazing work.


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