TIN ROOF! Rusted.

It is Tuesday morning and we just had the most awesome rainstorm. Shoutout to my mom: you would be so jealous!! We’re staying in a building with a tin roof and it rained all night- the most beautiful sound. There was even a tremor last night during the rain storm. No worries though, we’re all safe and so are the buildings.

Yesterday we weren’t able to post as many photos or blog updates as hoped because we ran into a snafu with the internet provider. They capped our bandwith at a very low level. But again, no worries, because if you know Elade, you know he’s already rallied the troops to talk to the provider and fix the issue.

the computer lab, almost finished

The various teams made amazing progress yesterday. The IT team had the computer lab up and fully functioning…before lunch (now where did we put our hammocks? ;)). We’ve got nine shiny Dells and a copier ready to use. They even installed software like Microsoft Office, language software and Mavis Beacon (I see you, 8th grade keyboarding teacher!). The construction on the school is coming together nicely (the building was very damaged in the earthquake), and we spent yesterday afternoon dreaming of the finishing building, painted (votes on color?) and connected to the world wide web. The PowerSecure guys, our resident workaholics, certainly earned their keep. Up and at it before their morning Haitian coffee/rocket fuel, they completely fixed the generator, which was damaged when a roof fell on it during the earthquake. It’s now running even better than before and powering our copier in the computer lab. And just to prove they weren’t slacking on the job, they even installed electrical outlets in the lab. We can now power up our Dells whenever we want! We also had two team members do an agricultural survey of the area.

Three of our team members leave today to get back to work in the States. We hope the rain doesn’t cause even more adventurous crossings than Sunday night. Your faithful media team will keep you updated as the trip goes on and our bandwith allows!

-Tara & Kristen

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