Team “Girl Power”: Marlene’s Update

We have the “Girl Power” team in Haiti this week. Traveling in Haiti are Marlene Rickert, Kim Sniffen, Pamela Schiavone, and Deborah Ottenheimer. They will be concentrating on women’s health and training team Haiti on the ultrasound.

We’ve received some emails and photos about their trip so far! Below is an update from Marlene Rickert.

Dr. Edmond with ultrasound
Dr. Edmond with ultrasound

Today was a very productive clinic day. Dr. Edmond was able to obtain ultrasound scanning experience under several different circumstances, including a 14 week fetal demise. This was a very sad situation whereas a pregnant woman came to the clinic with an extremely low hemoglobin. She was very weak and could barely walk.  With ultrasound we discovered that the fetus did not have a heartbeat.  This is a serious situation and could have led to infection or hemorrhage had we not known this.  The patient is being hydrated and will then be transferred to a hospital in Jacmel.

Part of the purpose of this trip is to train the clinicians on the use of the portable ultrasound machine. Dr Edmond has been able to scan several pregnant and non pregnant women. He is quickly learning some crucial ultrasound skills.

“Ambulance Baby” story can be found here –

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