Team “Girl Power”: Kim’s Update

We have the “Girl Power” team in Haiti this week. Traveling in Haiti are Marlene Rickert, Kim Sniffen, Pamela Schiavone, and Deborah Ottenheimer. They will be concentrating on women’s health and training team Haiti on the ultrasound.

We’ve received some emails and photos about their trip so far! Below is an update from Kim Sniffen.

Day 1: Well our women’s power trip made it to the Healing Haiti guest house. We went through customs and then we were met by Frankie! Always love his big smile and big hugs! Being deaf and mute in a country with little to no special needs programs could not have been easy as a child. To see his spirit and love for our groups just does my heart so good! We will be leaving very early to head up to Zorange tomorrow so today we will plan, discuss, visit with teams from other organizations and maybe swim and sun a bit!

Day 2: Well we arrived safely to Zorange after a brief stop in Bainet to drop off the guitars to the artist who will paint them for the auction. Of course we were greeted by our Haitian family and much was waiting – fish, plantains, pickliese, akra- not sure how to spell it all, but it was good!! Then we had a birth kit making party!! Marlene, Pamela, Deborah and myself assembled close to 100. Thanks goes out to SHBHU for their donations as well as Valerie’s small group. We are headed over to the clinic now to unpack supplies and meds. There is wonderful Caribbean music coming from the church to listen as we work. Now off to find Shanika![vc_gallery images=”2304,2306,2307,2308,2309″]

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