Team “Girl Power”: Deborah’s Update

We have the “Girl Power” team in Haiti this week. Traveling in Haiti are Marlene Rickert, Kim Sniffen, Pamela Schiavone, and Deborah Ottenheimer. They will be concentrating on women’s health and training team Haiti on the ultrasound.

We’ve received some emails and photos about their trip so far! Below is an update from Deborah Ottenheimer.

Sunday was an amazing day.

On my last visit here a woman presented at clinic 8 months having broken her water. We then found out that she had a cerclage in place, which is a stitch used to hold the cervix closed in women who have lost many pregnancies. That she was up on the mountain put her at huge risk for infection as well as the danger of premature delivery. She rode down to Port au Prince with us lying on the floor of the van with her head on her husbands lap. We took the portable ultrasound and checked the baby every hour. She was safely delivered to the hospital and I got word through Elade that a healthy baby was born.

On Sunday his parents came to the dormitory and I got to meet Samuel. He is a beautiful boy with dimples and a big smile.  The reward of seeing that gorgeous baby with is proud parents was tremendous! These are the moments that make the work here deeply rewarding and keep me coming back year after year.

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