Surgical Trip: Milestones on Day 2

A team of medical professionals have traveled to Haiti to assist in the first round of surgical procedures in Bainet. HFHF is in partnership with the Ministry of Health to achieve these amazing results. Below is another daily update from our founder.

Yesterday we were hoping to perform at least one procedure and we ended up performing 7 surgical procedures. After one of the procedures, one of the doctors told me that this man was like a “ticking time bomb.” I was speechless because I’m thinking that the patient never knew that. These procedures have come in the nick of time!

We had a meeting after dinner in an effort to see what we could improve. It was interesting – the biggest topic was about what trays to autoclave with what instruments. At that point, I mentioned how awesome the day was. On our first ever surgical trip we thought “to do one surgical procedure on the first day would be a huge success” … and we did seven. The discussion was good and the team went to listen to waves crash on the shore while drinking a Prestige.

Day two came and of course we “tried” to implement our lessons learned on the first day. Now, it is just past 6pm and we’re performing our ninth medical procedure and we can feel the end of the day coming because the surgeon and “the circulator” are having a ball picking on each other.

So it’s our second day of our surgical trip and we’re on procedure #16. Are they tired? Of course! But you can’t tell because the energy is still high and people are still joking around. It’s a good day. No –  it is a great day again.

Thank you all back home praying and wishing great things for us while we’re here. Our thoughts and prayers are with those that have loved ones that had to experience the act of terror that happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon.


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