Surgical Trip: Day 3

A team of medical professionals have traveled to Haiti to assist in the first round of surgical procedures in Bainet. HFHF is in partnership with the Ministry of Health to achieve these amazing results. The first day and the second day were both a huge success! Below is the “Day 3” update from our founder.

photo 3
The table setup before one of the surgical procedures

Well, we have improved our efficiency, because it’s about 5pm and we just finished our 9th procedure of the day. This makes for a grand total of 25 procedures in 3 days!

One of our patients had a hydrocele (abnormal fluid collection in the body) the size of a watermelon. The patient said to us that he gets teased in his community and he hopes that this operation will help him to no longer be teased. He also hopes that it would help him feel like a young man again. He is 70 years old, so we can’t really help with that, but we can help with the hydrocele!

Among our 9 patients, we had a four-year-old boy with a hernia and a seven-year-old who had a cyst removed from above her left eye. They were so brave.

The team is doing well. They’re saying they can’t believe the trip is almost over. It’s true – tomorrow is our last day of surgery and then comes the hard work of packing and taking inventory of what we have left for our next surgical trip.

I’m sure we’ll be doing at least 7 surgeries tomorrow, but again, we’ll see tomorrow.

Thank you again for your support back home, and yes, we are all still in good spirits.

Stay tuned for tomorrow.

– Elade

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