Surgical Trip 2.0: Calm Before the Storm

Founder Elade is on the ground in Haiti, pumped for the second Surgical trip to get started in Bainet!

Last night (Feb 22) around 10 pm EST, a surgical team arrived in Bainet. This is our second surgical trip in less than a year where we will take over an operating room in the clinic of Bainet, Haiti. In partnership with the Ministry of Health, we will conduct general surgeries for the next four days.

This morning I had the opportunity to sit in and chat with my cousin Sonnie, who was our Community Health Worker for more than 10 years, when there was no access to any medical care in Zorange. Sonnie told me she spent 12 hours on Friday at the hospital in Jacmel for an X-ray. She actually never got the X-ray. She was told that they can’t help her either because the machine was not working or there were no films. So she made the trip back to Bainet and this morning she went to Port-Au-Prince to see if she can get some sort of exam and hopefully get the X-ray if necessary.

The situation for surgical services is not that different here in Bainet. If you need some basic surgical intervention you have to go to Jacmel and most likely Port-Au-Prince. So our second trip here is just to see what we can offer to people that may never take the trips to Jacmel or Port-Au-Prince.

Last April we performed 30 surgical procedures. We don’t know how many await us this week but we know there will be work. We are hoping to diversify the surgical procedures, going from general to dental, eye and plastic surgeries. We have collaborators that we are talking with that say they would like to get involved in helping to provide some type of comprehensive medical care to this remote community. We know the only way the people will be better served in the future is by having access to these services on a daily basis. We are not there today, nor will we be there five years from now, but we will get there eventually.

Please pray for us that our surgical team will be wise in choosing the right procedures that are safe. And also for strength and good health for all of us.

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