Senator Visits Zorangé

Our founder, Elade, is in Zorangé today.  We received an email from him this morning with some exciting news on the “Education Front.”

From Elade:

Today the team will receive a senator in Zorangé to discuss the possibility of having national exams at our school instead of sending the kids to Bainet. That would be a huge plus for the parents and the kids.

There are more than 30 schools that have to send kids to Bainet for the 6th and 9th grade official exams every year and it is a bear. We provide some sort of help for our kids but there are hundreds of them that go to Bainet not knowing where they’ll sleep or when they’ll eat and they have to be there for at least 4 days.

So, hopefully we can convince the senator that within a year or so they should consider our location.

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