See Unifée — our school in Zorangé, Haiti

The idea to create this video tour of Unifée was born while discussing how the school is operating and the desire to capture some of the school leadership team members. The team in Haiti wanted to have a video that they could share with the entire staff, so this was produced by Samy prod100% in Haiti.

We hope that once people see this short video and a display of what the school represents and provides to the community, it creates a sense of pride for our team in Haiti and a groundswell of support here in the US.

Video Content:

The school and its location in 8th district of Bainet, Zorange.

  • A school of reference and quality
  • An institution who prepares its students for a better future
  • More than 20 years in existence
  • With qualified and experienced teachers
  • Led by professional and competent team
  • Photos of the staff
  • Lucia – administration and school office
  • Lucson – Elementary and Middle School Curriculum Director
  • Ronald -High School Curriculum Director
  • Hyris – Overall School Principal
  • Sandra – Receptionist/Accountant
  • Wilner – Accountant
  • School Library
  • Science Lab

Produced by:
Samy prod100%

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