Packed & Ready To Go!

Bag is packed with the ‘essentials’: I have my beef jerky, cliff bars, flashlights, two cameras, tripod… what else could a girl need!? 🙂

Hope for Haiti Foundation has a group traveling to Zorange tomorrow! This trip is all about the media & IT teams. We’ve been able to get some sporadic internet service up in the mountains of Zorange, so we’re hoping to be able to update the blog while we’re traveling. The teams will be taking photos, shooting video interviews and setting up a computer lab this next week. Be sure to check the blog throughout the week for our daily updates!

The team is meeting at the RDU airport at 5am tomorrow to start the trek to Haiti. Good thing I’m all packed up with the essentials already, because I’m working at Mura @ North Hills tonight for a HFHF fundraiser event.

– Tara Z. (Marketing Team, HFHF)

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