Our Work Continues — Spring 2023 Update

Dear Supporters, Partners, and Friends —

Thank you for coming alongside us for the last 23 years as we have worked in the tiny town of Zorangé, Bainet, Haiti.  You’ve accompanied us during the peaks and valleys.  Your steadfastness, unrelenting effort, and unwavering determination over the years have allowed our work to continue despite hurricanes and earthquakes, and other unrest and street demonstrations. 

Lately, we’ve encountered a different challenge: we have been unable to travel safely to our communities, Bainet, Zorangé, or Gandou because we can’t safely drive the through less than 1-mile stretch of road in Port-au-Prince that gives us access to the road to our town.  As a result, we have canceled trips to Haiti and we don’t know when we will resume these trips again.

But, we are happy to report that our team continues to strive in the work we started.  Our women’s ministry just celebrated another amazing week of conference culminating in a grand celebration on 15 May with a concert that went all the way to midnight!  Our clinics (Bigot and Gandou) are doing well.  Recently, we welcomed two new graduates from the Ministry of Health at our clinic in Bigot.  These two medical interns will spend about 6 months working with our medical team.  Our school is in its final weeks and soon our students from the 9th and senior classes will sit for the national exam. We are expecting great results!

Indeed, we can’t just get up and plan for a trip to Haiti in the next 3 months or 12 months but that doesn’t mean our work stops.  Because of your generosity and partnership, we employ about 80 Haitians who are working in all facets of our work in Haiti.  Although we are not able to travel to Haiti and build on our relationships with the team members, you can rest assured that because of what we’ve established together, the team will not skip a beat even if we’re never able to get back there again!  I know I will be back there again and will bring you along but that won’t happen until we are confident that we can get there safely!  

Thank you for your unwavering support!  Because of that, we know that our work will continue for a long time.

Have an amazing summer!

— Jean Elade Eloi, Founder

Enjoy these photos from our Flag Day celebration on May 15, 2023

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