Our Church Conference Resumed!

Four years ago we dared to host a Bible Convention in one of our communities, Zorangé, where we’ve been working for more than two decades. 

Although Covid-19 infringed on our plan in 2020, in 2021 and this year (2022) we were able to resume one of our biggest annual events in our church ministry!

We had a month of daily church service that culminated in a 4-day event! Our sister churches from Grande Savanne and Douge, as well as local neighboring churches with their choirs, descended upon Zorangé to celebrate, and participate in training & teaching. 

We had a virtual conference held by one of our former National Directors, Nasson, (Inasson Mathurin)  on the importance of having Sunday school and children’s ministry. 

The month-long event ended on a Sunday afternoon with an agape feast.  Our churches continue to thrive in the remote communities of Zorangé, Douge, and Grande Savanne.  We have a thriving Women’s Ministry that holds their conferences in May annually; this year we’ve kicked-off a Men’s Ministry and a men’s choir — a music program for some of the church members that show interest in learning to play music so they can play during worship service.  

And the updates continue! A few of our leaders traveled to a partner church in the Southside of Haiti, in a little city called Arniquet where they conducted a mass wedding ceremony. 

Thank you so much for all your support the last 23 years and we count on your prayers and your continued partnership.  We have faced challenges to take teams to Haiti the last few years, but we’re resuming our trips very soon.  This coming November, we’re embarking once again to Haiti and we’re already planning for an April 2023 trip. Stay tuned!

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