Mission Bathe In The River

We have a group of five fearless travelers in Haiti this week, working on videography and IT projects.  Today’s post comes from Tara on the marketing team:

Day 2 commences with the one thing I always dream of: Haitian coffee! I enjoyed mine ocean front and spent some time enjoying this beautiful world the Lord has made (I also enjoyed an amazing “Awkward Family Photo” card – thanks LJ!)

We hit the road to finish our journey to Zorange.  We adventured along and I got a kick out of Alisane’s pure delight and squeals as our car became partially submerged each pass across the river.

Alex is already in full-fledge filming mode and had his GoPro camera attached to the hood of the car- and the side, and the roof. We all placed bets as to how quickly it would fall off (I bet 7 minutes and lost big time). We stopped periodically for Vierge to negotiate deals on fish for dinner, and Barry got rocked to sleep by the rocky road.

Day 2

Arriving into Zorange, I love how much is new and advanced and how much is still the same. The school is painted! There is a separate new building for the clinic! There are tons of new crops! And many of my friends are still here to greet us.

We almost immediately started filming- Alex and Alisane are nonstop road warrior ninjas! We got to interview students and teachers. I am incredibly touched by the way they all say the school has impacted their community positively. And I love the kid who said he would rather be an accountant than a soccer superstar!  There are so many kids here that speak English and even Spanish!  I’m doing my best to learn Creole, but it’s awesome to be able to piece together conversations using SpangFrenchLish.  I don’t want to give it all away though… You’ll have to wait for the videos’ YouTube debuts to see all this good stuff.

Jessica had Barry’s help to start work on the wireless situation.  Jessica surveyed the property to identify an optimal way to install wireless equipment. The goal this trip is to provide consistent and stable Internet and to have it reach all three buildings, as well as install a VoiceOver IP phone and a firewall. Surveying is done as well as some basic installs of WAPs.

So now: Mission Bathe In The River is underway because we all STINK!

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