Hope for Haiti Foundation believes health is the cornerstone of a productive and thriving society.

Rural communities in Haiti lack access to any form of medical care, causing malnutrition, chronic illness, and death from preventable diseases. To combat this, HFHF focuses its energy on training Haitian medical professionals who can serve rural communities in Haiti and by supporting Haitian-run medical initiatives.

Rural Primary Car Clinics

HFHF runs two primary clinics in the rural villages of Zorangé and Gandou, each serving a population of about 10,000. The clinics provide first aid and primary care services, including parasite treatment, hypertension, fevers (Typhoid, Malaria), women’s health, eye care, a pharmacy, and diagnostic laboratory.

Additional Medical Projects

  • Health education through Radio Bigot and community health workers
  • Training traditional birth attendants (matrons)
  • Vitamin distribution

HFHF's Comprehensive Medical Plan for Bainet, Haiti

Our vision for Bainet is a comprehensive medical system that provides emergency care, surgeries, and access to doctors for rural communities. This more thorough system will go beyond mere duplication of our primary care clinics and function like a hospital – a dream of ours for a long time.

Want to get involved? Are you a medical professional? We’d love to have you on our medical team! Join us on a trip, or inquire about becoming a medical volunteer. Donate to our medical projects, or send medical supplies and birthing kits.

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