Medical Trip Day 2 “What Am I Doing Here?”

Hi from Zorangé! I’m embarrassed to follow Karina. She is a great writer! Today is the second day of my second trip to Haiti. Things have changed from a year ago. Somewhere in Haiti is a mountain of water bottles that used to fill the ditches of Port-au-Prince (PAP). The streets in PAP are much cleaner than before. The trip to Zorangé was just as challenging as a year ago. At least this time the flat tire was on the truck (carrying the luggage) and not the Land Cruiser (carrying the people). We arrived “home” bruised, tired and dirty.

Sunday was restful. A time to unpack, settle in and plan the week. We attended a church service at the school. It was lovely and our Dr. G is now an official Godfather to a precious baby named Jenny.

Today was our first clinic day. Once again, it started with that feeling of “what am I doing here? How can I really help?” As we start seeing patients, I start to relax and realize once again God placed us all here for a reason. We all have different strengths and talents and a responsibility to share them with our neighbors. It is a privilege to be part of this team. Three patients traveled from PAP to see our cardiologist Dr. G. He was able to see diagnose a postpartum cardiomyopathy with the help of John a great sonographer. He was able to start her on medication. Amazing!! Dr. Webb and Suzy treated GI patients. Dr. Deborah was able to see many women in the women’s clinic with the help of Rita and Sherly. Susan was our resident pediatrician. Karina and I put our two brains together and worked as internists. Hard to believe a CRNA and RN could diagnose a case of typhoid with the help of the lab. So glad I had the typhoid vaccine. Of course we can’t forget our cheerleader Elade translating everything. This afternoon was spent in a training session for our great Haitian clinicians. Thanks to Dr. Webb, Suzy, Karina and Dr. Deborah for doing such a great job training on GI and women’s health.

It is really hard to describe the feeling I have sitting on the porch of the dormitory in the cool breeze having little Nancy braid my hair. I love Zorange and God willing I will be back again wondering once again “what do I have to offer?”

– Shirley

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