Intern Up(date)! – Peter

Part 2 of our updates from the HFHF interns spending the summer in Zorange. Peter’s thoughts:

Zorange is an awesome place and I felt welcomed from the get go. Pierre, Nasson, Miss Luska, Pastor, and all the kids running around are an absolute blast and have made everything so much fun. The dorm, school and clinic feel out of place in this picturesque mountain scenery full of poverty, but we are truly blessed to be a part of it.

The clinic has been eye-opening for sure. It’s obviously very different from U.S. clinics, and though it was a bit shocking at first how rudimentary it all is, after spending some time and hearing more about how people live, it amazes me how much they’ve been able to do out of nothing. Miss Luska has this contagious smile and laugh that keeps everyone’s spirits up 24/7, and working with her has been great experience. She has shown us all how to put in IVs, take blood samples, run vitals, etc.

Daily life has been good as well. I really don’t have any complaints. River baths are probably the most refreshing shower I’ve ever had, and the walk down the hill is always fun because a bunch of little kids always trail us and end up playing with us in the river. We’ve all been reading a lot in our down time (I’m almost done with all the books I brought; we’re going to have to swap books amongst each other soon), playing frisbee, lounging in the hammock John brought, playing with Nancy and Chanika and some of the older guys, goofing off with Pierre, and of course napping here and there.

I know the next few weeks will fly by, but I’m going to do my best to savor each moment.

– Peter

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