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The dog days of summer are officially here, and as they start turning up the heat and humidity here in the Southeast, we have no doubt that summer is even fuller swing for our interns and friends in the Southeast department of Haiti. It’s been more than a month since we dropped our three brave adventurers off in Zorange, but don’t worry, concerned parents of America — we did not leave them stranded in Haiti with nothing but a blog post in their honor. Lydia, our Executive Director, has been checking in, and with the internet now all set up in the school in Zorange, they’ve been able to update us when they can. We thought we’d share some of their experiences and impressions of Zorange, with a post from each intern over the next few days. Here is some news from Emily:

We are all adjusting well. River baths are a lot more fun that I would have thought and the food is exceptional! The clinic is amazing and we are all enjoying our time there. Miss Luska is a great teacher. She always opens up the opportunity for us to share in her examinations and have a hand in it when possible. As healthcare hopefuls, we are getting to see a way of medicine up close and personal that we would never get to see anywhere else, and its a blessing to be a part of it. We are learning so much!

Last Monday we taught Computers and Photography to the older students at the school. We felt a little lost at first but once the students came in they were extremely receptive for us, and Nasson translated as we went along, making the experience a lot of fun. We are doing the same thing tomorrow and adding in and English lesson. The guys and I agree that this is a truly eye opening experience.

Haiti in reality is unlike any book, any story, or any description that I’ve come across. We went to Bainet and Jacmel for two nights last week, and the ocean scenery was breathtaking. What’s also breathtaking are the buildings that are reduced to rubble from the earthquake. It seems a true testament to God that all the people here proceed with life as though the destruction isn’t around them. I think my favorite activity thus far is COCONUT EATING! We’ve taken a few ventures to different houses to binge on their coconut, and each one that is chopped open is fun to watch…and delicious!

– Emily

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