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Now that HFHF has a full-time executive director and we are like sooo legit, we figured we might as well get ourselves some interns! After all, there was no way we were going to make Lydia tackle Elade’s wonderful, big, crazy ideas all by herself. ;)We are very thankful to have two lovely ladies, Margaret Farley and Ashley Matkins (you might remember Ashley from our last guest post about her trip to Haiti) joining us at the HFHF HQ in Raleigh, as our development and public health interns. It seemed a little unfair to keep them all to ourselves, so we wanted to give you a chance to get to know them a little. We also have some Haitian-bound interns who will be spending the summer down in our little slice of Caribbean heaven — more on them coming soon! We’re already thankful to these ladies for their hard work and can’t wait to see the impact they have on HFHF and Haiti over the rest of the summer.

Name: Margaret Farley
Internship Focus: Development
University and status: North Carolina State, rising junior
Major: Economics, with a minor in French
In Her Own Words: I have always been interested in helping out countries with struggling economies and pursuing opportunities to enhance the welfare of the individuals in third world countries. I have had the opportunity to study abroad in Guadeloupe as well volunteer in the community. The ability to meet the individuals of communities with basic needs we take for granted everyday has made me more committed to improving the lives of others in third world countries. I am very excited to join a new organization with such a great cause and amazing opportunities! While the experience I have had has been more business related, I have always had a passion for French that initially sparked my interested in joining an organization focused on the needs of the Haitian people. I have already been able to see that Haiti has a rich culture and hope one day I will be able to witness it firsthand!


Name: Ashley Matkins
Internship Focus:
Public Health
University and status
: University of North Carolina-Greensboro, rising senior
: Public Health, health studies concentration
In Her Own Words:
I am very interested in international health and would love to be able to work overseas when I am finished with school. I have a passion for helping others and have been blessed to be able to travel to Africa and, most recently, Haiti. I have always had a genuine interest in the health and general well-being of others, and I love building relationships with people. I have worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant for the last three years, and I have loved caring for every patient I have come in contact with. While I have enjoyed being a part of the healing process for patients, I have grown more and more interested in the prevention of disease and how to aid in interventions that will better equip a community to succeed. I love the vision of the HFHF, and being able to see that vision implemented first hand was an amazing experience. I am truly looking forward to watching the hope of everyone involved with HFHF grow as more goals are accomplished.

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