In conclusion…

We all made it home safely. No broken bones or strange diseases. I’m left with a sense of awe…I feel so inspired. My day to day problems are no longer significant.

Every day people come from miles and miles around to line up at this clinic in the hope for life saving medical care. One woman in her 70’s started walking at 2am, in the pitch dark, in order to arrive at the clinic the next morning. She crossed the winding river 30 times before she reached the clinic. Sometimes they are too sick and they cannot make the long journey to and from the clinic. One young woman stubbed her toe in the river and could not get to the clinic for 16 days because she lived with two elderly woman. A neighbor finally brought her in but by the time she got there her big toe was literally gone – eaten away by gangrene. Her toe was rotted down to the bone and the infection had spread up her foot. This happens every single day in zorange. The nurses handle wound care, obstetical care, gastro-intestinal diseases, eye, skin, bones…everything. Before the clinic was established the people relied on witch doctors (many still do) or home remedies that often make the problem worse.

The children walk from miles away, every day to attend the school that Elade built. The school has educational standards and teaches the children valuable skills so they can thrive as adults. In this rural part of Haiti, I’m pretty sure there was nothing even close to this before Elade built it all.

Elade feels that the people of Haiti have let down the masses. He feels the educated people of Haiti have a responsibility to help their country. He is not leaving it in the hands of the government, or the hands of the wealthy countries because that isn’t going to happen. He is embracing it and doing it himself by empowering his people.

One last observation – the Haitians are happy people. They love each other, take care of each other, smile, laugh, pray and are grateful for every day. All this, despite their circumstances.

My new goal is to find a replacement part for an old ultrasound machine, or hopefully find someone to donate a new ultrasound machine so I can start planning my next trip to the beautiful country of Haiti 🙂


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