Hurricane Matthew – Helping 273 Families in Haiti

An update from our founder, Jean Elade Eloi

As you are probably aware, the community where Hope for Haiti Foundation has been working for the last 16 years – Bainet and its districts – experienced some devastation during the landfall of Hurricane Matthew in October. Fortunately, our community partners did not experience any loss of life. But, they did have their crops and houses damaged or destroyed.

HFHF’s partners in the US stepped up! Corporations such as PowerSecure from Wake Forest, NC, churches such as Hope Community Church in Raleigh, NC, New Life Church in Los Angeles, CA, and numerous individual partners came through to help us address several needs in the community. Our community leaders did a damage assessment after the hurricane. After the assessment, 273 families were chosen to be helped with food rations, materials for constructions, and construction of new homes. Additionally two sister churches who were damaged as well and will be provided construction materials such as tin sheets, cements, and nails to help with the repairs.

After the hurricane it took almost seven weeks for transportation to resume between Bainet and Zorange, where our current headquarter is located. With the road opening up, that allowed HFHF to begin to implement the relief plan. Below you’ll see some pictures of people coming to receive food or supplies. In January/February 2017 we expect to begin the construction of 10 new homes for the most vulnerable that the leaders and the community have settled on to receive new houses (12ft by 12ft structures).

Thank you so much for your continued partnership!

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