How Great Thou Art

We have a group of five fearless travelers in Haiti this week, working on videography and IT projects.  Today’s post comes from Alisane on the videography team:

Today moved very quickly!  I have started to lose track of time and dates-so when I finally figured out it was Thursday I couldn’t believe it. I also have slightly forgotten what I look like since there are no mirrors to be found… the only chance I get to see if my sunscreen is all rubbed in on my nose is by the video footage at the end of the day! (Just in case you were wondering, half of the time I have left the dorm with a huge glob on my nose or forehead.)

We had many accomplishments today: the first being our early morning trek to Noeke’s house-she is the little girl we filmed to see what it is like for a child living in Zorangé. I feel it went really well and I enjoyed spending time with her. She is such a sweet girl and I can’t wait until you get to see the completed project!

Our next excitement came when we got to make a call to Elizabeth (Ti Piti) over the new Voice Over IP that Jessica has been working so hard on! It was awesome to see the excitement on Tara’s face when she told me that she made an actually phone call using the internet without difficulty! This will be such a great tool for the community here and I am super proud of the hard work that Jessica has put into this task, even though I know she feels like she is far from finished.

During this trip we have been able to see many of the courses offered here at the trade school. They currently offer English, sewing, and teach them how to work with computers. The principal said that in the future they would love to see it expand to offer mechanics, theatre, and videography. Perhaps our work here is inspiring that in some way! The children all have such wonderful personalities and I think that they would really enjoy working with a camera if they had the opportunity-they have been so fascinated by what Alex has been doing. Maybe when we come back next time we can help set up the videography classes!

My favorite part of the day is still thinking back to breakfast. We had fresh pineapple and bread with peanut butter, and as we were sitting on the front porch enjoying the cool breeze I began to hear the most beautiful sound. Every morning, the medial clinic starts their morning by singing “How great Thou art” (one of my favorite songs) and then they pray. I heard it on another day, but today it really hit me. What an awesome way to start a doctors visit! I got a little emotional and even began to tear up as I started to hum along with them.  It made me feel at home even though I am many miles away. I feel that a part of my heart will always belong to Haiti and I hope very much to come back one day.

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