Hope in Haiti

This past week, a an allstar team from from Hope Community Church, one of HFHF’s first and largest partners, has been down in Haiti helping out & surveying the work that HCC has played such a crucial role in making a reality. Karl Moraski, Hope’s worship leader, has been faithfully blogging from the computer lab & we highly recommend tuning in for updates from the field!

Some highlights include:

And as an added bonus because we love ya, an amazing photographer, Josh Hancock, has been snapping pictures all trip! If these don’t get you packing your bags & Pricelining flights to Port au Prince, we don’t know what will!

Enjoy the updates, try not to drool & have your people call our people when you’re ready to river suit up & join us!

Take our hand & we’ll make it, we swear,
The HFHF Team

P.S. Fun fact: Karl is also in Band of Brothers, who will be rockin it out at the Rock Your World concert next weekend — more to come on that soon!

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