Campbell’s Hike for Health

Check out what a day looks like for some of Campbell’s public health students!

7:00 – Breakfast – eggs, grapefruit, oatmeal, jet fuel (coffee), hot chocolate

7:30 – Pack up supplies for Vitamin A & Albendazole distribution

8:00 – Hike supplies in to Damas

8:45 – Set up distribution stations

9:00 – Distribute Vitamin A & Albendazole to more than 50 preschool aged children

10:00 – Pack up and hike back to Zorange

11:00 – Meet with administrators to share the inventory system Deanna, Anthony, and Kayla have been creating for rice distribution & the pharmacy

12:00 – Lunch – Pate, mangoes, passionfruit juice

1:00 – Shaniqua, Kanesha, Tyana and their fearless preceptor Marlene Rickert share with high school seniors the concept of a scholarship and how scholarships have made their own dreams possible.

2:00 – Afternoon refreshments provided by our new friend, Ti Marc…coconuts!

2:30 – Parrish meets with clinic staff to present how to use an EpiPen…while they are familiar with injectable epinephrine, Parrish explained how these donated autoinjectors may help save lives for patients traveling for hours to the nearest hospital.

3:00 – Our preceptor Marlene presents a precepting class for clinical staff in anticipation of the Campbell PA student Tropical Medicine rotations in Spring 2018.

3:15 – Class is interrupted by a dozen people coming down the road carrying a severely ill patient from a town more than an hour up the mountain and across the river. Everyone springs into action to assist—including the Campbell students

4:15 – As the patient is being cared for by the clinical staff, students begin engaging the children who have finished their school day…dancing lessons by high school students, basketball with younger kids, and makeshift lessons in English and Kreyol

5:15 – Hike down to the river for a brisk bath

6:30 – Dinner – Goat, fish, stuffed militon, rice & beans

7:30 – Card games on the porch

8:30 – Head to bed for an early start tomorrow

Incredible learning. Humbling service. Not bad for one day. Still 9 days left…

So grateful for our partners, the Hope for Haiti Foundation.


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