HFHF welcomes Dr. Gabriel to Team Haiti

Hope for Haiti Foundation is excited to have Dr. Gabriel as our first full-time doctor to staff our clinics! Staffing key positions like this would not be possible without your generous donations.

Our founder, Jean Elade Eloi said, “He came up to Zorangé and could not contain his excitement. He spent two weeks helping our team at the clinic and… I could tell he has found his calling.”

Dr. Gabriel studied in the Dominican Republic and graduated in May, 2008. He’s spent the last 4 years with Doctors Without Borders in the Netherlands, 1 year with a clinic in Port-au-Prince, and the last 8 months with the Ministry of Health.

A large focus of his will be helping the nurses to continue to increase their skills.

A few other quick updates from the Medical team:

  • The surgery team is moving forward with plans for offering minor surgeries in Bainet this spring in conjunction with the Ministry of Health. We hope to expand this program to offer various surgeries on a rotating basis, as traveling to Port-au-Prince is generally not possible.
  • Here in the US, we have a team of volunteers organizing events to raise funds to pay for midwife salaries. The chance of dying in childbirth is about 61 times more likely in Haiti compared to the US, so these workers are important to help improve the quality of maternal care we offer.

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