Helping 150+ People After the Earthquake

An update from our Founder

As I shared with you in our last update, I went to Haiti at the end of September and I am happy to report that the trip went well. We were able to execute the plan that was set in motion.  

With your support and partnership, we were able to provide more than 2000 bags of cement to more than 150 people — that’s 30 more people than we planned on partnering with.  All of this was possible because you made it happen.  

Our team’s assessment included remote areas surrounding the epicenter of the earthquake. With the help of the community, we were able to identify the most vulnerable people in those areas. 

Every person whose name we had and whom we promised to help were helped.  No deviation. We were also able to expand the support to other older/vulnerable people that showed up during the distribution.
We heard from people in the community and from the diaspora that what took place there on 29 Sep 2021 had never happened before.  We received phone calls from Canada and France while we were on site, from people who are from those communities thanking us for this project because they had received images from the event.  

On behalf of our team and the people of Aquin, L’Asile, and the surrounding communities, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It is my hope that our communities aren’t in need of disaster relief. But we know there is a very high probability that we could be in this situation again. 

Our long-term hope is that local communities will be able to handle whatever needs may arise. In the meantime, we will do our best to support who we can, when we can. 

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