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HFHF partners with churches and church leaders throughout the United States to come alongside pastors in Haiti and provide training, support, and encouragement.  Here is a recent update from one of our pastors in Haiti.

Pastor Roland has been ministering to couples who have been living together. These couples did not know Christ. Of those in that situation, there are 10 couples who have accepted Christ as their personal savior and Pastor Roland has encouraged them to get married. They have accepted!

Pastor Roland will perform a wedding ceremony with all of the couples at once.

The wedding will take place in the winter/spring of 2013. An exact date is to be determined.

We are excited to share this ministry update with everyone!  It is an amazing community project through which people are coming together to celebrate with these families. There are many people helping who are not members of the church, but since they are in the community, they’re donating time and other resources to make this a joyous celebration.

If you are interested in financially supporting, here are some ways you can help.

As you know people make less than $1 a day in Zorangé, so there are not funds for a wedding and all the possible expenses. The church has stepped up to help, but we could always use support to help celebrate these couples.

The members will rent all the wedding dresses. A Raleigh, NC based professional organizer from Order In The House is also seeking wedding dress donations for future occasions like this in Haiti.

  • Wedding dress rentals cost approximately $1800 (which will be paid by the church members in Haiti).
  • Rings for all the couples… They budgeted $2000 for rings for the women, and the cost is the same for men’s rings.
  • Acts of marriage documents: $450
  • They did not budget for food, but we know they can have a great ceremony for about $1000 for all couples and invitees.

So, the total budget is about $5450. If you are interested in supporting, please contact info@hopeforhaitifoundation.com or make an online donation here and put “Spring 2013 Wedding” in the memo line.

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