Help us Build a Surgical Clinic in Bainet, Haiti

#GivingTuesday – Tuesday November 27, 2018

Fundraising goal: $11,000

Giving Tuesday is a global giving movement. This year we are fundraising to buy land where we will build a surgical clinic in Bainet, Haiti. Facebook and PayPal are matching donations on Facebook for a total of up to $7 million dollars, so we’re focusing our fundraising efforts through that social platform.

Mark your calendar and help us reach our $11k goal to embrace the future of surgical services in Bainet.

Our Vision

We started with “surgery in a suitcaseand now we’re growing to a full surgical clinic in Bainet, Haiti.  

After performing close to 200 surgical procedures in Bainet over the last 5 years, we have begun to think of how we continue to provide these surgical services with even more frequency. A clinic with a full surgical suite is our solution!

Our vision for Bainet is a comprehensive medical system that provides emergency care, surgeries, and access to doctors for rural communities. This more thorough system will go beyond mere duplication of our primary care clinics and function like a hospital – a dream of ours for a long time.

The last few years, our team has kept their eyes and ears open for land opportunities in the town of Bainet. We are poised to acquire land at the cost of about $11,000. We hope to quickly raise these funds to cover the cost of this piece of land. This third clinic will be an extension of our medical clinics in Zorange and Gandou.  

Join us this November 27th as we work towards the first of several steps to building our 3rd medical clinic!

How You Can Help


Give to the Facebook fundraiser and/or share it starting at 8:00am EST on #GivingTuesday when the Paypal matching begins!

The Facebook Fundraiser

Additional good news:

  • No fees on donations
  • 100% of funds go directly to HFHF

We will continue to update you all on this initiative as we start putting dreams on paper, chart out the project, and execute a surgical center in Bainet.

Thank you for almost 20 years of support! We are looking forward to another 20 years of making an impact on individual Haitians, empowering them to change their own nation.


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