Gandou Clinic Inauguration

On Wednesday, October 10, 2012, the Gandou Clinic (financed by Saba Foundation) was inaugurated. Our founder, Jean Elade Eloi, writes to us from Haiti after the day’s festivities. To see all the images from the celebration, visit the Facebook Album.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

It was an amazing day with many special guests; from the Ministry of Health, to community leaders and the city commissioner.

More than 150 people gathered and witnessed the cutting of the ribbon and a march into the door of the clinic.

The ceremony was short and sweet. We took time to honor two people who have been instrumental in making this happen- two leaders from the district of Gandou (fifth district)- Brenice Israel and Pastor Carniere Joseph. These leaders donated the land to us to build this clinic and they were instrumental in making sure that we had a team of volunteers that provided logistics and support during the construction, like lodging for the workers and the driver and helping us finding workers from the  area.

It was a jubilation! We celebrated and we had the best of course–Haitian paties–yes very good.

It’s a day later and this morning when I drove up up the clinic they were already  45 people waiting to be served and I’m telling you it is an honor for us to serve them and I pray this service will be here for generations to come.

Before the day was over our medical team administered care to 58 people.

I will be surprised if we see less than 50 people the first few weeks during operations.

Tonight as I sit in Zorangé and listening to our radio station- Radyo Bigot 107.1 FM- the entire program is being broadcasted over the radio which covers all of 9 districts of Bainet and 6 other districts from the neighboring cities. It is nice to hear the people’s voice over the radio as they share the joy that the clinic brings to their community.

I am honored to know and work with these people. The need is there and they welcome our partnership.

The leaders are asking for secondary school because that is their second most pressing need and challenge.

Thank you guys for your support. Thank you for sharing the word.

– Elade

To continue to support the operations of the Gandou clinic, please donate toward our medical programs. Funds will be used to pay staff salaries, purchase medications and laboratory tests, and pay for medical care for those who cannot afford it. To give you an idea how far a donation can go: $75 is enough to purchase supplies and medication for the clinic for one day.

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