From Todd: Tropical Storms and Soccer Tournaments

We just got back from a great, relaxing weekend in Bainet where we managed to take a few dips in the Caribbean Sea, wake up in the middle of the night to Tropical Storm Ernesto, and watch the soccer tournament that our school hosts each year.

While the tropical storm was interesting, it was more interesting to see how the community came out to support these kids in the soccer tournament. There were 8 teams in the tournament (2 teams from Zorangé, 1 traveling team and the rest were from Bainet), and in the final game there were probably close to 1000 people watching the game! Unfortunately, Team Unifée (our team) didn’t win, but there is always next year. Regardless of who won, this tournament reinforced the fact that these communities are truly partnering together to support each other. And if you looked hard enough you even saw Elade, our fearless founder, get out on the soccer field for a game!

Our ride back to Zorangé? Well, what else could it be? The dump truck (otherwise known as “The Beast”) filled with no less than 60 people, live chickens, pots and pans, and us.  Marcel proved his excellent driving skills again as, after the tropical storm, the river was much higher than it was coming down. But just remember in Haiti when you’re driving through the river, the water is not that deep and the brakes are FINE!

Tomorrow will be a sad day as we leave to go back to Port au Prince, then on to the U.S. on Wednesday.  It will definitely be good to get back home (and in air conditioning), but I will miss Haiti and the friends, old and new that I leave here. Until the next trip…Salud.

– Todd, IT Team

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