Finally we are able to post

The week has been flying by. We had a great day of clinic in Zorange on Monday. Dr. Kim trained Nurse Magdoline on how to conduct eye exams. Pamela and Kim S. saw several pregnant women with Nurse Luska using the portable ultrasound machine. The permanent ultrasound machine arrived safely, but the probes are missing, making training next to impossible! Ultrasound tech Pamela will have to come to Zorange again. Sara saw a lot of kids, and everyone was grateful to have a pediatric NP on the trip. After clinic, Marlene did a classroom training with the nurses on removing objects from the ears, with one of the translators serving as the patient. The nurses had lots of questions on all subject matters, mostly having to do with difficult cases that they don’t have the ability to treat in Zorange. What should be done for these people? Marlene was great at giving them tips for first aid and stabilizing the patients to send them on the long journey to Bainet, Jacmel or beyond.

Yesterday and today (Tuesday and Wednesday) we headed to Gandou and set up a mobile clinic at the future site of HFHF’s second clinic. The distance is only 5 miles from Zorange, but it is an hour trip over very rough terrain. As we got bumped and bruised as we were tossed about in the car, we could not imagine how sick patients manage to make their way to the Zorange clinic. We saw about 65 patients the first day, and had to send some people home to come back today. This morning when we arrived, there were hundreds of patients waiting to be seen. It was difficult to know that we could not see them all. The need for a clinic in the area is clear.

We saw so many people with high blood pressure…really high! This included many pregnant women with blood pressure so high they were in danger of have a seizure. We worked with the resources we had and Kim Sniffen even made a consult call to the US. We saw a woman whose husband said she was fine 5 months ago except that she had high blood pressure – well 5 months ago she “fell out” and has not been able to understand words or speak other than saying “oui’ – but not purposefully. She had left side weakness and her pressure was still 170/110. We treated her but it was sad to tell her husband that we could not fix the damage that had been done. She was only 50.

Meanwhile in Zorange, Nurse Luska had several pregnant women and eye patients who arrived while we were in Gandou, and told them to come back tomorrow. So we will have another full day of clinic in Zorange tomorrow. We will also train with the nurses after clinic on seizures, bacteriology, and pediatric treatment questions.

The team is great, and everyone is up for one adventure after the next. Whether we are pushing vehicles through the river, riding like a cowboy in the back of a jeep, learning line dances, playing Yuker, dodging tarantulas, or wrestling with the difficulty of seeing severely ill patients, everyone has remained in high spirits and is enjoying themselves. The nursing team in Haiti continues to do an amazing job. It’s hard to believe we just have one more full day here in beautiful Zorange before we make our way back to Port-au-Prince.

The dorm is amazing!!!

Hopefully some of the other girls will post next…they are off repelling cliffs or something…GO GIRL POWER. First mobile clinic to Gandou – ALL GIRLS!!!

See ya,
Lydia and Kim S

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